Buy The 60 Pound Secret Weight-Loss Program

Program Info:

  • The program involves light exercises that require NO purchasing of ANY equipment.
  • 20 minutes to 1 hour a day, of light, low impact exercise, is suggested for optimal results.
  • Results are based on effort just like everything in life. You’ll know the trick, but you must act.
  • When you learn about the secret, you will not believe how easy you can lose weight.
  • No specific diet is necessary, but you will be required to maintain a normal calorie intake.
  • Calorie intake is fully explained in one of the 3 guides: The Nutrition Guide.
  • There will be absolutely no weight lifting involved. NO GYM is needed at ANY point.
  • YOU DON’T NEED: Weights, Equipment, Supplements, Diet Pills, or any other special items.

Program Benefits:

  • Lose a massive sixty pounds at an amazing rate without dieting or going to the gym!
  • There will NEVER BE any sort of Gym intimidation factors. Wear your favorite sweatpants!
  • No monthly fees. One payment…and it’s VERY affordable!
  • Reap the rewards forever and get in shape AND STAY there!
  • You can do this on YOUR OWN schedule. When it’s convenient FOR YOU!
  • Eat your FAVORITE foods while maintaining steady weight loss!
  • You will lose weight doing something YOU ENJOY and learn how to effectively keep it off!
  • The secret will truly change your life for the better! You WILL BECOME a healthier you!
  • Through the new healthier you, your life will become MORE enjoyable and prosperous!
  • This is truly the BEST gift you could ever give to yourself…you will NEVER look back!

What You Are Getting:

  • The Secret  – The Master Guide. I explain the secret fully to you. This will make everything else seem so simple and easily achievable!
  • Food & Beverage Guide – No diets here, just maintain a normal calorie intake. This guide has lots of great healthy eating tips.
  • Workout Guide – This workout guide shows you how to destroy calories in a few simple, yet highly effective moves!
  • Stretch Guide – This guide details the most common stretches you can be doing and how to do them properly.

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