Food for Upgraded Thinking.

Have you been feeling moody lately, or perhaps not feeling yourself? Feeling overwhelmed, drained of energy, and lethargic? Not living a life that promotes wellness and healthiness can lead to an overall cloudy and neglected state of mind. In this article you will find the easiest way to getting yourself back on track and in a place mentally that you want to be at. Going through life can be extremely enjoyable, happy, and almost addictive if in the right frame of mind…or very depressing depending on your moods, self esteem, and wellness.

Simple things such as diet and daily activities promote a healthy state of mind, and this is where you should begin when starting to clear your frame of mind and develop one that you live happily from. A diet and eating properly can definitely affect the way you feel and is where you should start your journey to a better frame of mind. For instance, sugar fluctuations and blood sugar fluctuations can directly impact mood swings, crying and even sudden irritability. Maintaining an eye on your sweets is always a good idea to avoid that “sugar crash” and the potential side effects from it. On the other hand however eating some things can promote amazing feelings. Chocolate for example, even though containing sugar, has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins and can be considered almost euphoric to some, creating a sense of well being, calmness, and tranquility. The brain itself which is considered finicky when it comes to what it takes from us nutritionally, is particularly interested in fruits, vegetables, and grains for the glucose it desires to function at its top level.

The USDA suggests you get these required amounts of veggies, fruits, and cereals and grains in your daily diet. Daily food serving sizes should be listed on the food packages themselves and used along with the USDA guidelines to create a balanced diet for yourself.

ŸVegetable Group – 3-5 Serving a Day Depending On Age and Weight.

ŸFruit Group – 2-4 Servings a Day Depending On Age and Weight.

ŸBread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta Group – 6-11 Servings a Day Depending On Age and Weight.

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