3 Free Ways to Stay in Shape!

Here are some simple, yet effective ways to get that healthier you that you have been searching for! Deciding to exercise, eat correctly, and live a healthy lifestyle are all decisions we make for ourselves and nobody can help us. Living a longer and happier life is something I think everyone can agree is worth a little effort. Below you will find three, free and simple ways to stay in shape.

1. Yard Work or House Cleaning. This may not sound enjoyable and may seem more of a chore at first, but getting your daily exercise in while also making your home a better place to live is a great way to multitask! Get outside in your yard and do some of those renovations or simple things that have been needed, you’ll love the fresh air and your body and house will thank you later. Yard work can be considered for example raking leaves, and is considered a moderate physical activity. An average 140 pound person can expect to burn around 250 calories an hour raking leaves, and doing yard work.

2. Try Some Old Proven Simple Exercises. Remember those things you used to do in gym class called jumping jacks, pushups and pull ups? These exercises that you used to frown at everyday are what kept you in shape while you were younger and most likely more active. Nowadays you can utilize these machine-free, easy-to-do exercises at your home and appreciate the benefits they provide. I know it has probably been a while but you can still benefit greatly from these easy to do exercises and they are highly recommended. Try doing 10 pushups 3 times within 10 minutes for the first attempt at the exercise. See where you end up as far as completion and adjust your routine accordingly for what best suites your abilities. For jumping jacks you can do 3 sets of 30 within 5 minutes and you will, from there be able to tell if you should add some more to your routine or maybe lighten up a bit. Pull ups should only be attempted with the proper bar, and in this case unless you have something you can guarantee safe do not attempt this at your home. These are some starting points that you can use to get yourself in a routine and understand how many of each exercise your body can handle and benefit from.

3. Wash Your Vehicles. Get out the bucket and sponge and get busy! This can burn 300 calories an hour for a 150 pound person! This is another activity you may consider a chore at first, but build it in to your weekly routine and not only do you get a cleaner ride, but you get a healthier you! Make sure you’re washing by hand to gain the full benefits of this. While you’re at it, you can always vacuum too. If you’re a boat owner you also can catch some rays while doing this and really take the “chore” out of it!

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