3 Major Reasons to Quit Smoking.

All of us know smoking is very bad for our health. There are over 10 million households globally that have at least one smoker, making this bad habit more intrusive and dangerous to others than most. Inhaling smoke directly or even second hand smoke can both be ways you can do serious harm to your body. An estimated 450,000 Americans lose their lives each year to smoking related diseases. On top of that another 3,000 adult Americans die every year due to second hand smoke related sickness. Here are some benefits from quitting smoking that you can be sure are well worth the effort it takes to quit! A recent study has shown cigarettes to contain over 4,800 chemicals, and 69 of those are known to cause cancer. Living a healthy lifestyle, including being active and exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of your body can all be for nothing if you continue smoking.

Ask yourself when you go to light up that next cigarette…what exactly is this going to do to benefit me? You will realize that smoking offers not one advantage for you that you could not get somewhere else and be healthier because of it.

1. Saving Money. With the average pack of cigarettes being upward of $6.00 a pack across all 50 states it is safe to say that smoking can be an expensive habit. Some states such as MA have extremely high tobacco taxes, creating costs upwards of $10.00 and $11.00 per pack. Figure in that the average smoker smokes a pack a day and you are spending over $4,015.00 a year in the higher tax states on cigarettes; and you are spending a minimum of $2,190.00 in the absolute cheapest taxed states. Nobody can argue that less money is better than more. Given the sad state of the global economy, saving money in any way possible has become more important than ever before. Put some bucks back in your bank and get healthier for it! Quitting smoking puts money in your pocket and air in your lungs!.

2. Living Longer. There is little argument that living longer is a bad thing. Across the globe nations are practicing new medicinal techniques every day to prolong life. Cigarettes are, bluntly put a life decreasing addiction. For every cigarette you smoke it has been proven that you are decreasing your life by 5 seconds. Add up all those cigarettes per year and do some math and you will be alarmed. Not only will you live healthier while you are alive and feel better about yourself with more energy to boot, but quitting smoking will, simply put, make you live longer.

3. Look and Feel Better. Smoking has many drawbacks, this is indisputable. For many though the fact of not being able to visually see the impact creates less of a sense of urgency to quit than if the impact was directly in your face. Heart risk and heart attacks should be enough to deter you but what about those wrinkles that are starting to line up on your face? Smoking not only causes wrinkles but leads to overall premature aging. Who wants to age faster and look like it? Your teeth are another very visual part of your body that greatly suffers from smoking. Brown or white teeth? Fresh or bad breath? It’s safe to say smoking will not help get you a date.

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